About us

E-mail: rustycity@gmail.com


I started to create things for my own good, to have a unique apartment to express my style and feelings. First I created a table from steel tubing and glass, then I created another to have a table to paint on, then I created a lamp, then a hanger, etc. So more and more ideas started to spark out from my head. I’m quite critic with design objects, I only like those which are fine, usable and have meaning, depth. I’m happy while I’m working on each piece, and I think it’s very important to know that every piece was made with love, and joy.


FUN FACTS about us :)

DO   Biking! Transportation, recreation, getting an energy boost in a slow, vintage style is our favorite and daily routine. Or Coffee?

COFFEE Of course…one latte and one capuccino please…

SWEETS  We adore icecream! Cappuccino, pistachio, salted caramel or cheesecake, we love them!

COOK  Home-made? Yes! We believe in the sprit of cooking at home together and beside it’s fun, it tastes incredible good!